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Dec. 1st, 2013 05:50 pm
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The island has sunk beneath the sea. Most of the residents were sent elsewhere before the flood, but a few may have drowned.
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[It'd been like any other morning until he'd caught sight of the makeshift calendar on the back of his bedroom door, and the significance of the date had hit him. A year. A whole year he'd been in this place. Maybe things were fine back home; maybe he'd go back to exactly when he'd been taken, and 'Jem was okay, and...

But maybe not. Who knew? He could get back and a year would've passed there too, and-

Everything else that followed that train of thought was something he didn't want to deal with. This was the last straw; days ago he'd gone to show Karasu a few of the pictures he'd taken and been unable to find any trace of her anywhere. There'd been no need to tell Bakura this time; he expected he'd figure it out on his own. There were two ways Kai felt like distracting himself. One involved magic and some good old-fashioned destruction; the other was childish, but a lot less likely to end with people being angry or hurt. (Though why he still cared, he wasn't sure.)

So he started by filling up a pillowcase with candy and soda from the vending machines. That was followed by stealing the cushions off every couch and chair in the lounge. Having dumped those via portal into his room, he'd gone back and helped himself to the blankets, pillows, and dining chairs of as many of the empty dorm rooms surrounding his as he could manage.

His door's open now, with several chairs shoved against the wall outside while he builds, coming out now and again for another chair or a blanket to drape over them. He's turning his entire dorm into one giant blanket fort, and then he and Surge are going to camp out in it the rest of the day, at least.]
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[So, that two-month-long magical coma sure was a thing. A few days after she woke up and got to speed with Malik and Bakura, Harriet can be found awkwardly loitering around in the halls. It really doesn't feel like that much time has passed. Everything about this place looks exactly the same as before - it's enough to drive her crazy. Or at least, crazier than she's already become after the whole Super Nightmare she was having.]

[After a while, though, she starts to move. She had business to take care of... like officially moving out of the Rose Dorm. From now on, she needs to stay close to Malik. That's something that can't be helped, so she'll just have to tell Henry and Rosenkreuz. Slipping through the barrier surrounding their two dorms, she unlocks it with the key. However, there's no one there. The room looks like it's been unused for quite some time. She frowns, going through all of their things, but eventually she finds the red rose cards, scattered around on the floor. ...Which is something none of them would ever do.]


[Henry and Eleanor must have been gone, vanished the way Jack went. But the rose cards were still here... maybe it was because no one had ever taken them from Harriet in a duel? But the white rose cards were also there, if the barrier was in tact. Rosenkreuz would have taken the cards if he'd known though, and so Rosenkreuz must have been gone too.

They probably all went home. She was the last one left... maybe she'd have felt bitter over that, before. But now, she was already heading in a new direction. So, while she felt a bit sad, it didn't matter. What did matter was securing these cards. So she scoops up the red, and then goes to the other dorm. The white rose cards were arranged in a magic circle. She picks up a notebook and scratches out notes on their alignment before collecting them as well. The door is open as she does this, if anyone happens by. She's not happy about finding them gone, but she's just dealing with it by muttering sarcastically to herself.]

Well, at least it saved me an explanation.

[Welp, having the rose cards back is at least a good distraction from her coma-and-missing-friends woes. She only knows how to use the red ones, but hey, who doesn't enjoy frivolously stopping time? She can be found out on the beach, freezing the waves at their crest and such. Though it might take some magical sensitivity in others to notice this happening at all...]
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[Late into the afternoon, the early risers will find themselves waking up, and the sleep-in types will find themselves sleeping in even longer. All sense of urgency and time has vanished, leaving residents sloth-like or simply too inept to realize how much time is passing. Even when they do realize, well...it's too late now, right?

On top of that, for some reason all the clothing in the building has been replaced with horrible 90s fashion.]

((ooc: The event begins! It will last through the 19th. Feel free to mingle or make your own posts, and you're encouraged to link images of whatever outfit you stick your character in. That's part of the fun!))
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Scenario A
[Malik's other personality had been out for a couple months now, and then suddenly, just like that...he fell to his knees clenching his teeth and holding his head in pain. The other him lets out a snarl of fury and pain as his hair loses its style and falls back into place. Malik is in control again as he sits there on his knees staring down at his hands in a daze. Despite having been out of control of his body for months in this timeline, he doesn't look so bad for it. His other personality didn't seem to do any damage...to him.

For the time being, his Campus memories are fuzzy and the memories of the place he'd been trapped in--that place filled with boxes where they had to solve murders and find the possessed killers--they're sealed off. He'd been one of those killers and he died for it, but right now all he knows is how hollow he feels, as if consumed by a guilt he couldn't place.

There's only so much he can handle at once, and coming back into touch with his body is the first thing, so he rises to his feet and stumbles forward.]

Scenario B
[...Malik doesn't dare to go back to his dorm yet, so he sits on the grassy outskirts near the cliff side. This is where he summoned Ra, night after night... It's been a long time since then, but somehow it feels even longer. He feels like he's aged tremendously, but he can't figure out why.

Something to do with his Father... With Harriet, and Bakura. Looking for them might mean finding out the answer, and he has every intention of doing that, but first he needs a minute. Besides him, Twin-Headed Behemoth is summoned to keep guard and warn him of anyone who may be approaching.

He's still donning his alter ego's trademark purple cape even now.]
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[It's that time of year again! And with it, meant time for celebration! It's not clear who set everything up, but just outside the campus' gates lie an extravagant set-up on the beach.

Nearer the grass, but still sitting on the sand are a few long tables covered in food. There's all sorts of classic barbeque party foods, from burgers and ribs to mac & cheese, and they're all kept hot on disposable foil trays sitting neatly above small burners. Of course the party goers are not without some options! On top of all the meat, chips, and cheese, there's classy fruit bowls and salads kept shaded from the sun and cooled by miniature ice sculptures.

The beach itself has erected a volleyball net, pool toys and water guns, along with a giant bouncy castle. The water is cool and the waves are big enough to surf but not too large to intimidate the average person. Surf and boogie boards are readily available, and a changing tent has placed nearer the rocky cave wall to allow people to change into one of the swimsuits piled up onto the bench nearby.]

((ooc: MINGLE! tag around and have fun~))
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[Whoops. She's running a little late it seems, for today, the intercoms buzz into action a little late.]

Ahem. Attention, students!

[The husky voice of - well, the Voice that speaks over the intercom - echoes through the halls.]

Now that we're all done with our bout of spring sickness, it's time to buckle down to our studies! Remember that tests may appear at any time, and it would be such a shame if you were all to fail and be kept back another year.

And don't forget to be welcoming to our new arrivals, won't you? They're quite behind the times, after all.


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[ Sitting out in the court-yard is a new face. Tricorn hat, knit shawl, white boa - one's first impression may be flamboyant pirate. They wouldn't be too far from their mark.

Basco is still rather sore. He assumes that is what happens when you wake up from a slight case of death but for what reason is anyone's guess. Learning has nothing to do with it. He's certain this is just a game and while he's usually fond of games, he has no inclination towards being the pawn.

With a overly dramatic sigh, the privateer crosses his legs at the knee and leans back into the bench. Idly, he picks at the flaked green blood still on his face. ]
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[Today, the lovely denizens of the Campus will wake up to a beautiful spring morning. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and pollen is in there. But this isn't just any pollen, the kind that afflicts the allergy prone to months of watery eyes and sneezing, oh no, this pollen is far more potent.

This morning, you will wake up with exactly one menial illness. It won't kill you, it won't even really hurt you, but it will be a constant annoyance to you for the next week. Sicknesses range from sneezes and rashes to spontaneous floral growth out of the forehead region. Really, anything goes.]

((ooc: okay, so, feel free to give your characters whatever silly or petty illness you want! This event ends on the 25th. Our cooperative event has been postponed due to a lack of feedback/interest--since it's an event that requires at least a small group of people to be active in.))
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[Unacceptable. Completely and totally unacceptable.

Unhelpful nurse aside, did they (whoever "they" was; someone or a group of someones with enough nerve to line a bank vault) honestly think he would accept news about being kidnapped simply because it was cutely drawn on a whiteboard? In their deluded dreams.

He's going to explore alright, but not because he's "sad"--because he is livid and wants to find a way out as soon as possible. He has much more important things to be doing than milling about some school.

So he's striding through the hallways, hands clasped behind his back, looking for anything at all that might prove out of the ordinary or useful. Like, say, a person eventually coming into his sights.

You there.
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[The person who stumbles out of the nurse's office now is one that would be hard to mistake, and one that some people might recognize.

Karasu feels... strange. Disorientated. If Lisa is to be believed, then she's lost close to... two weeks' time. But it wasn't like the others, where they seemed to just come back after being sent home for however long. She never went anywhere. It's like she's been in a coma for all that time, except that Lisa even confirmed she wasn't there with her.

So what the hell happened?

Unfortunately, despite Lisa's best attempts, Karasu's somewhat distracted state has left her leaving without something very important. Namely, her shirt, meaning that everyone she stumbles past is getting an interesting view.

Or everyone she stumbles into.]

Ah, sorry!
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[Yuma comes crashing out of the nurse's office and rushing into the hall, flailing his twiggy limbs.]

AAaaahhaAA! No way! That Astral guy is seriously gone--Wait. [He freezes and looks surprisingly stern for a moment before lowering his arms.]

Maybe I should have listened to what that nurse was trying to tell me...

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[While Kai isn't exactly a good cook, Ryou's concern about his diet and the offer of cooking lessons has gotten him to at least try more often, instead of mostly relying on charred hamburgers and candy out of the vending machines. He may have gotten in a little over his head deciding to give pot roast a shot, though.

Way over his head. Somehow he's managed to pretty much kill the meat as dead as if he'd cast Firaga on it, and the smoke currently drifting out into the hallway through his open door is dark enough to cause worry. Anyone that was around when Nero caught the school on fire might be concerned it's happening again, but nope, no problem!

Just a really over-cooked piece of meat and a frustrated teenager.

And his barking dog.]

Surge, quiet! It'll blow away...eventually.

[Yeah, he already opened the bedroom windows, it's not helping much. Kai takes the yellow Lab out into the hall and makes him sit by the door, giving him a narrow look.]

Sit. Stay. Don't bite anybody.

[The dog whines, settling onto his haunches as Kai ducks back into his room to try and wave more of the smoke out.]
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[Being cooped up inside is no fun, especially when you have as much energy as Beat does. Today he's working off his restless energy by running around the beach. He's got swim trunks on, planning to take a dip when he's finished. It may not be summer yet, but he's sure the water isn't THAT cold...]
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[ Well, there is a new face at the Campus, and she's surprisingly not racing around the building like you might expect her to. In fact, she's doing quite the opposite. She's sitting outside on the campus grounds, on the rim of the fountain and just taking a nap. She doesn't appear to be worried about falling into the water, or about being shoved in... Probably because she'd be able to outrun anyone who'd try to do something so nasty.

She looks pretty peaceful, but that snoring MIGHT be a little hard to handle. It's pretty monstrous. She was definitely not very ladylike. ]
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[By opening this room, Rin accidentally let loose a bunch of strange, cat-hatted children into the hall. Not just any children though... they appear to be child versions of all the unwitting students in the campus. Though, they immediately run and hide somewhere, waiting to be found. Shocked, Rin just looks after them.]

Uh, what was up with that? They kinda looked like... ah well, not important. ♪

[she'll just go along her merry way and let everyone else deal with these.]

(( So this is an effect room based on the Vocaloid song Toeto. Everyone gets one! It is a tiny version of yourself that manifests all of your insecurities and mostly just stammers/freaks out/cries unless someone comforts or accepts it. And they wear kitty hats for some reason. Think Persona 4 Shadows, only a lot squishier, cuter and less likely to transform into something that will murder you. Feel free to mingle and find each other's Toetos, get pestered by their own, and whatnot. You can also go yell at Rin for letting them loose if that is your heart's desire.))
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[Ryou is sitting in the lounge area on one of the couches, a few game boxes piled up onto the coffee table in front of him. He's also brought a couple wrapped up trays of food with him. Judging by the way Ryou's just sitting with a goofy smile plastered, he seems to be waiting for someone.]
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[He read the board, made frustrated sounds at the flustered nurse, and came to terms with the fact that he was stuck because of some...possible dimensional warp or something equally annoying. Except this sounded more like a kidnapping as opposed to some sort of accident, which makes this a little more unsettling. But eh, what can he do about it?]

A: [James is strolling down the halls keeping track of -- or trying to, everything is a little daunting right now -- the rooms and where everything is. At one point he's peeking his head in a room, not quite stepping in, before deciding it's normal and in no further need of investigation. Except when he backs out of the room he accidentally bumps into someone; maybe they were walking passed, or were waiting to go inside and just didn't expect the curious teen to back out as quickly as he did without even looking behind him (which he should honestly be more careful of, considering his unfortunate circumstances). Either way, if there's physical contact, you're now sharing a random memory with him! Traumatic, silly, whichever. Oops!]

B: [James found the lounge! He was about to check out what kind of food was stocked in here because, wow -- when was the last time he ate? Except...was that a spider he saw from the corner of his eye? Well whether or not one was there, James grows visibly fearful and climbs on to the nearest coffee table, looking around the area frantically as if the thing will jump out at him from around a corner! The look on his face suggests he knows he looks like a complete fool, but his deathly fear of spiders (that is totally fabricated by his mind from seeing too many shitty memories of spiders belonging to other people) prevents him from giving a single fuck!]

...Shit. [WHERE DID IT GO??]

((OOC: PLEASE READ THIS especially if you're going with option A because he kind of sees random memories on contact, so...))
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[The intercoms drone to life once more as a familiar voice echoes in the halls.]

My, my, how quiet you've all been! Are my students settling down at last?

[Honestly, being omnipotent was never so boring as when everyone was acting nice...]

I do hope everyone is keeping up with their studies now that the warmer weather is coming in. Fun and games are all good, but education must always come first! Especially considering some of our proud students can't even read.

[Tsk. And after Rin went to the effort of making that board!]

Though on the other hand, do at least try to utilize the many things I supply you with to prevent you from becoming too stir-crazy. Becoming a shut-in is highly undesirable for a student! That said, there are other extremes you should avoid. For example, I'd prefer that you didn't make a habit of soliciting kisses in the halls~...

Now, get back to your studies! Remember, "a sound mind in a sound body" is the ultimate goal!

[The broadcast ends abruptly with a high-pitched burst of static.]

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[It's cold, and the weather's not the best, but that hasn't stopped Wren. She's outside in the courtyard, bundled up in a coat and scarf, egging on what looks to be a seven foot tall red dragon on roller skates. Oh sure, the dragon's drawn from chalk (as are the skates), but it's certainly moving in a realistic fashion.]

Come on, you can do it! Keep your wings out!

[The teenager demonstrates, holding her arms out to the side and up as she walks in front of the drawing. It cocks it's head at her, letting out a questioning chirp, of all noises, as it spreads it's wings for balance. Wren giggles, jumping out of the way.]

That's it! Remember to skate, not just clomp around!

[As the dragon attempts to comply, Wren glances up at the sky briefly. It'd rained a little earlier, and she's sure it will again while she's out here. It'll be a good test to see if she can hold the drawing together.]
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[Kaz rubbed the back of his neck and grimaced slightly. What the hell had just happened? Where was he? The last thing he remembered was talking with Boss over the radio at Outer Heaven, then everything went black. Had he been knocked out and taken to this place? It didn't look much like a prison or holding facility.

He got up shakily to his feet and realised he was standing in some kind of courtyard. Was his radio still connected to him? He fumbled at his belt and breathed out a sigh of relief. At least he still had communications. Kaz wondered if he could contact Boss or anyone else whilst he was within this place. He tuned the radio and began to speak...]

This is Kaz speaking. Kazuhira Miller. Can you hear me, Boss? Huey? Anyone? I appear to be inside some sort of compound of sorts and no one else seems to be around. I shall attempt to gather more intel as to where I might be then attempt escape. I hope you're getting this. Boss? If you're hearing this, I'd appreciate immediate evac if you're able to get in.

Kaz out.

[He switched the radio off and adjusted his sunglasses on his nose. Time to explore.]


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