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Name:"The Campus"
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A "Peaceful" College Campus. An Unforgiving Island in Limbo.

A Panfandom Dressing Room: The Campus

One day, whatever you were doing is interrupted by a sudden bout of unconsciousness. No matter who you are or where you were, you awaken in the end in the clinic of a massive college campus, with a fretful Nurse fussing over you. Outside of the building is an island, with no other land in sight. Welcome to the Campus. Even in death, there is no escape.

There are no students or teachers at this school; almost all of the people around are those others who were brought here. The only veterans to the campus seem to be the Nurse, a disgruntled Lunch Lady, and a mocking disembodied Voice that speaks over the intercom and seems to know far more than she says about the odd events that occur here.

But that's not to say the Campus doesn't host a variety of resources for the budding young student. There's a wing for gym, a wing for various arts and sciences, and there's even a large courtyard for those who prefer not to brave the harsher outside. There's even a cafeteria if you like food poisoning. And for those who prefer outdoor excursions, the recent opening of the campus doors means there's always the joys of the jungle and the impossible to reach signs of prior life within the cliffs to hold their attention! They may be prisoners here, but hey, that doesn't mean the wonderful shoreline, jungle, caves, and mountains can't liven up the lives of those poor former shut-ins!

Of course not everything is so peaceful; the Northern Wing in its entirety is notorious for its heavy atmosphere. Rooms change on a daily basis, and have all sorts of consequences and benefits to be reaped by those who dare step inside. As if that weren't enough, it seems every month something mysterious happens, keeping the residents on their toes.


Hello and welcome to The Campus! We're a Panfandom Dressing Room and we allow characters from any canon as well as original characters, AUs, doubles, and so on. No apps required! Just check out the character guidelines first.

We hold monthly events (the 15th) that are usually optional and involve either a scripted room post or some change to The Campus environment itself. There are also monthly mingle posts (the 30th) by The Voice where characters may converse with her or chat amongst themselves. The other NPCs also make appearances, and are godmodable by players who visit the cafeteria and clinic.

As a school themed RP, we like our characters to learn, be it valuable life lessons taught from mysterious effect rooms and general CR, or combat and magic skills taught by another character! Have fun, go wild, become a ninja-duelist-wizard!

Your character can influence the setting in small ways by finding permanent rooms, building something that is accessible/noticeable to other residents, or breaking the rules by arriving via super giant robot. Just make sure to clear such things with a mod first, to ensure it's okay and that we can also add it to the setting page.

Please make sure to take a look at The Rules and Setting pages before posting!

Moderator Plurk: [ profile] thecampusmods

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